Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Pansies and Milkshakes...

I do love pansies but don't usually plant them in the spring because for me, the plants never make it through the summer. I don't want to have to replant pots or flower beds. But I'm having Easter brunch here on Sunday. We usually go to a family style restaurant with lots of family for Easter, but with our new little granddaughter I thought it would be easier on the new parents just to have something here. So I did purchase some pansies for the two pots by the front door. Dylan was with us yesterday and he helped me to plant the yellow, white and purple pansies. We had a great afternoon playing in the dirt, but Dylan especially liked watering everything with the hose...even his Mom Mom.

In the morning Lou and I picked up the grandson and before going home, stopped at Jennifer Crafts to restock our booth with signs and blocks. Just outside of the Marley Station Mall, where the shop is located, is Ann's Dari-Creme and it has been the place to grab a foot long hot dog and a milkshake since 1951.

Darlin' D split a hot dog with me, but the vanilla milkshake was his favorite.


  1. I love pansies. They will be sure to brighten your Easter celebration. Enjoy.