Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colored Eggs Before the Coloring

The family was here today to color eggs for Easter. Meagan and Erik made a stop at his sister's and picked up these eggs which already came with color. Shades of brown, green and blue, her chickens are just so talented.

Dylan didn't remember dying eggs last year but was ready to jump right into it.

Meagan tried wrapping thread around the eggs to decorate them a bit more...
that's the artist showing.

My Mom loved holding her great granddaughter while
the eggs were getting some extra color.

We colored 4 dozen eggs and had a wonderful family together day.

Thanks to my sons-by-love for helping Gramps get the old couch out of the "kids" bedroom. I do appreciate you two helping the "Old Guy".

Monday, March 26, 2012


Who knew a Mom Mom's heart could swell even larger with grandbaby #two? I have often said that I love that little boy so much that my heart would just burst with love when another grandchild came along. Appears the Lord made it possible for a grandmother's heart to handle all that love 'cuz I'm still exploding heart.

Wishing you all a beautiful spring day!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Witch Museum in Switzerland? Who Knew?

I don't usually have many customers purchase my witch signs this time of year. Quite a few at Halloween, but only a few in the springtime. Guests to the Country Workshop are picking out bunnies and flowers in the spring. However, I recently I received an order from the Witch Museum in Switzerland for some of my witchy sayings. I guess I never thought about the history of witches in Europe...Salem always came to mind ...but not every witch lived in Salem.

I love having my signs traveling to customers all over the world. It's nice to think that a sign created in our little shop is making someone smile
in a place far away from our studio.

Some of my witch signs can be seen below.
These and others can be found in the
Witchy Woman Section
of the Country Workshop

To Brenda at Pine Tree Prims
a big thank you for the magazine.
So glad I was up in the middle of the night and
saw your giveaway for the first comment.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet Mariah...

Well the Baby Girl is really here. After several false starts, our Sweetie finally arrived on
March 21 at 12:03 am. She is beautiful, and sweet, and as near perfect as one baby can get.

Mom is doing well...Dylan loves his new sister...Chad is being the greatest of Husbands and Dads, as he is taking care of the whole family, and doing that amazingly well.

We had Dre Dog here at our house since Sunday, just so the the parents wouldn't need to worry about their fuzzy child. Lucy and Dre love each other and Lucy was happy to share her/our bed with him. Of course that leaves very little room for my legs
as they both sleep on my side of the bed.

When we took Dre home today, Dylan came running to meet us, after hugs and kisses, he took me by the hand to show me his new baby sister. As I sat on the sofa, holding my new granddaughter, with Dylan sliding down my legs like a sliding board and every so often climbing up next to me to give me kisses and I thought what could be better than this?
I am truly blessed.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mother/Child Connection

Here it is, almost midnight, and I can't sleep as I am worrying about my first born, who is waiting for the birth of her second child. It has been a crazy few days waiting on my new granddaughter to make her appearance. For all you Mothers reading this, you know your child is always your baby, no matter how old that child may be.

We received a call last night (on the labor line) around 10 from the expectant parents that they were waiting for the contractions to be 5 minutes apart and then they would be heading for the hospital. We would get a text or call to let us know when they were on the road. By 8 am, I couldn't wait any longer, I had to call to see how my baby was doing and was told things had slowed down and they were still home. Later today, even stronger contractions and closer together this time the parents-to-be made it to the hospital, were actually admitted and were in a room. Lou and I were being updated by text and phone calls and planned on going to the hospital when we received a call that she was being sent home. I am worried that my child, my 30 year old child, is in pain, is tired and drained emotionally. I want to reach out to her but am trying not to step on her toes. Someday, in the future, my baby girl will be waiting for her daughter to give birth and there it is...the circle of life. (and now I will be singing in my head that song from the lion king).

I realize that all is going as it should...that this is not out of the ordinary when waiting for a new life to make her appearance...but me, I can't help but worry (and I get that from my mother) about my baby and her baby. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

And They Call The Wind Mariah...

On this beautiful spring like day, we are still waiting for Mariah to breeze into the world. My poor Holly is so very uncomfortable. The baby girl was due on March 7th so she is only one week past her due date. But I think we all believed that this child would join the family before the end of February so now it seems she is very late. All is well according to visits to the doctor and ultra sounds and tests. She just isn't ready to come out yet. Lou told Holly today that it is the 1/8th of the baby that is Greek causing her delayed arrival. Lou's family is always brother calls it Greek Standard Time.

I have been trying to keep ahead of online orders, just in case we get the call. I had a consignment show to set up and asked Holly to talk to Mariah and tell her not to make her appearance on Wednesday, until after 4 pm. Lou and I worked on merchandise for the show all weekend, painting not just signs but smaller items like Easter Bunny shelf sitter blocks and ornaments. We just needed that 1-4pm time frame to set up our display.

My daughter Meagan and her husband Erik had made plans to go to the beach today, for the weekend. After all, we were so sure that Mariah would be here by now. They then decided to stay home...just in case, but I believe Holly has talked them into going anyway. They can make it back here in 2 1/2 hours if they need to.

My dear Lucy finally got a much needed haircut this evening when I came down from the shop. She didn't give me too much of a problem this time, thank goodness. She was beginning to look like a werewolf dog. I did take the time last week to trim her bangs a bit so she could see, but the rest of her was oh so fuzzy.

So it is now the March 16th...maybe we'll have a little leprechaun arrive on Saturday.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Each Child is a Story Yet to be Told...

Country Workshop

We are still waiting for granddaughter Mariah to make her appearance and begin her story in this world. Spoke with Holly this morning and she and Dylan are going for a walk in hope that this baby girl might get nudged along. Every time the phone rings, when Lou and I see the call is coming from Holly or Chad, our first question is...are you heading to the hospital? When my other daughter Meagan hears from her sister, she asks the same thing. Chad's family is also asking that question when the phone rings. So the father to be has set up a "Labor Line" through Google and we've all added it to our phones.
When they call from that will be time.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Jennifer Crafts New Location

The husband and I spent the afternoon setting up our new area at Jennifer Crafts in Marley Station Mall. Lou built this display piece and it works so well for our space in this craft and gift shop located in Glen Burnie, MD. We used the base of the cabinet in the old location but added the top of the unit for the new shop.

The shop has been at the mall for 5 years, but just moved to another store front not too far from where they were originally located.

The shop is set up in themed sections like sports...

and home decor.

There are always seasonal displays...