Thursday, March 15, 2012

And They Call The Wind Mariah...

On this beautiful spring like day, we are still waiting for Mariah to breeze into the world. My poor Holly is so very uncomfortable. The baby girl was due on March 7th so she is only one week past her due date. But I think we all believed that this child would join the family before the end of February so now it seems she is very late. All is well according to visits to the doctor and ultra sounds and tests. She just isn't ready to come out yet. Lou told Holly today that it is the 1/8th of the baby that is Greek causing her delayed arrival. Lou's family is always brother calls it Greek Standard Time.

I have been trying to keep ahead of online orders, just in case we get the call. I had a consignment show to set up and asked Holly to talk to Mariah and tell her not to make her appearance on Wednesday, until after 4 pm. Lou and I worked on merchandise for the show all weekend, painting not just signs but smaller items like Easter Bunny shelf sitter blocks and ornaments. We just needed that 1-4pm time frame to set up our display.

My daughter Meagan and her husband Erik had made plans to go to the beach today, for the weekend. After all, we were so sure that Mariah would be here by now. They then decided to stay home...just in case, but I believe Holly has talked them into going anyway. They can make it back here in 2 1/2 hours if they need to.

My dear Lucy finally got a much needed haircut this evening when I came down from the shop. She didn't give me too much of a problem this time, thank goodness. She was beginning to look like a werewolf dog. I did take the time last week to trim her bangs a bit so she could see, but the rest of her was oh so fuzzy.

So it is now the March 16th...maybe we'll have a little leprechaun arrive on Saturday.


  1. this is the worst for your daughter. She will get your still here and she is heavy and uncomfortable. Wishing you a happy new baby very very soon.

  2. Hi Pat! Congrats, you won the magazine! Please email me your address and I'll mail your magazine tomorrow (Sat). My email is

    Thanks for being awake!!

  3. Oh my, I didn't realize it was time. How exciting. I'll be looking forward to the post announcing her arrival.

  4. Pat,

    Tell Holly to hurry up...tired of waiting for baby pics! Maybe a bumpy car ride is in order?


  5. Keeping fingers crossed that the wee one arrives safely!

    Miss Lucy looks adorable!