Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet Mariah...

Well the Baby Girl is really here. After several false starts, our Sweetie finally arrived on
March 21 at 12:03 am. She is beautiful, and sweet, and as near perfect as one baby can get.

Mom is doing well...Dylan loves his new sister...Chad is being the greatest of Husbands and Dads, as he is taking care of the whole family, and doing that amazingly well.

We had Dre Dog here at our house since Sunday, just so the the parents wouldn't need to worry about their fuzzy child. Lucy and Dre love each other and Lucy was happy to share her/our bed with him. Of course that leaves very little room for my legs
as they both sleep on my side of the bed.

When we took Dre home today, Dylan came running to meet us, after hugs and kisses, he took me by the hand to show me his new baby sister. As I sat on the sofa, holding my new granddaughter, with Dylan sliding down my legs like a sliding board and every so often climbing up next to me to give me kisses and I thought what could be better than this?
I am truly blessed.


  1. That little girl is just a doll. I wonder if she will make the boys wait too? LOL!

    Jack and Jill take up a lot of space on the bed too.

  2. So happy to learn that sweet girl arrived safely. You are indeed truly blessed.

  3. That baby is so beautiful and I am so glad everyone is good. you are right there is nothing better. Enjoy your new grand baby.

  4. What a beautiful baby. She is worth all the worrying.Nothing better than being a Grandma. Enjoy!

  5. Pat,

    Oh, she is so precious. So glad that Mariah has arrived safe and sound. Now you have 2 little ones to love and love you back, you are very blessed. Make sure to take in the new baby intoxicating!


  6. She's beautiful, Pat! That little bun looks fully baked. ;) Glad she's finally here. Give her a kiss for your readers!

  7. Beautiful!! Congrats to the parents and to you also!!


  8. Ah! Here she is! I found her! I KNEW that if I looked below, I'd find some pretty photos of your new grandbaby. :)
    I am pleased and honored to meet Mariah... she is gorgeous. And you'd better make sure to pay attention to your little boy, and tell him that HE is your favorite grand"son" ;)
    And that's so funny about the dogs! I'm glad Lucy is sharing with Dre. LOL! (even though it's on YOUR side of the bed. Maybe Lou 'pinches' them off his side when you are not looking??)
    p.s. email me when you get a chance to tell me the weight, inches, any middle name, etc. when you get a chance! gloria(dot)vincent(at)yahoo(dot)com