Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lucy Again Has Surgery

Several weeks ago, while giving our Lucy a bath, my husband found a lump on her side. We took her to see our wonderful vet, Dr. Cujdik, and were told to wait and see if it stayed the same size or got larger. Well of course it grew larger. We took her in at 7:30 this morning by 10 the operation was done. The tumor was even larger than the doctor thought so it took many more stitches and will require a longer recovery time. We're supposed to keep her from running and jumping to keep her from ripping the stitches. That's going to be some great trick. Maybe we should tie a cinder block to her leg to keep her still. Won't get the results back from the pathologist until next week. Keeping our fingers crossed that it is a fatty tumor and not anything worse.

Yesterday Lou and I took a ride to Lancaster County, PA to pick up a piece of furniture that he had built for Diane of Basket Accessories as a display piece in the Akron shop. After 18 years of selling merchandise for those who love and collect Longaberger baskets, Diane is closing the retail shop at the Akron. The Intercourse store will remain open. Check the website for winter hours at that store or to shop online for painted lids, liners, protectors, Amish wrought iron and more.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Boy A True Gift

Here is one of the latest photos of our amazing, brilliant, adorable, grandchild. He made Christmas even more wonderful than normal. We were so busy with getting out orders this year (which is actually a good thing) that I was not too very merry as I didn't get much done in decorating for the holidays. We didn't even have time to put up a tree, which I so missed. Most of the ornaments for our tree hold precious memories. As I handle each ornament, memories of special times and special people flood my mind. But one look at this little face I know all those family members who are no longer with us really are with us. With the birth of this child, the family lives on.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus?

Almost 30 years ago, my sister-in-law Jennifer gave my a tiny Christmas cactus with about 4 or 5 blooms. I remember that it was that long ago because Jen was expecting my nephew Nicolaus who will be 30 in March. This is the same plant. I put it outside every spring and let it spend the summer on my porch. It was much larger than it is now, but one morning on my way to the shop I noticed branches from the plant scattered all over the yard. The squirrels must have had quite a party pulling the branches off. I leave it outside until I hear the words "frost warning". Within a week this wonderful old plant just bursts into bloom, but it is always finished its show before Christmas.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Craft Show At Liberty High School...

Yesterday Hubbie and I set up for a show at Liberty High School in Carroll County. The entire school is filled with vendors with crafts and gift items. Not all vendors had handcrafted items but I did know that as I've participated in this show for the past several years. Nice show and great people to work with. There are kids and parents from the school who help with carrying the vendors displays and merchandise in for set up and again after the show to help when it's time to break down. Setting up for every show is different due to time restraints and we had to set up completely in 2-2 1/2 hours so we ended up using only half the display.
With every show we've participated in this season, I keep thinking, "We're getting too old for this"

I met fellow Estian Mary Mahoney at the show. She makes quilted pictures of people's homes.
This is such a wonderful gift idea, I thought I'd share. Her Etsy shop is

Also at the show was my friend Shar, who was actually set up directly across from us. She sews table runners, pillows, eyeglass cases ( I use one of those as a case for my camera so I can toss it in my purse). I think one of her cutest items is a fabric teabag holder which will hold the teabag, sweetener, and powdered creamer so that all you need is a cup of hot water. You can find her things at Christmas in Perry Hall, the Among Friends show in Kingsville,
and at Jennifer Crafts in Marley station Mall in Glen Burnie.

This is Shar's husband Bill..."watching" her booth while she was out checking out the other vendors...Great job Bill

Monday, November 16, 2009

Whatta Boy...

Received this photo in my email today...Can't believe how much he has grown. I watch him one day a week and from week to week my darlin' boy is just doing so many new things. He just must be the most amazing baby in the world. Funny how you do forget things about your own babies until you have a grandchild. Last week I started singing Christmas songs to him and I do believe Away in The Manger is his favorite.

We had our family dinner yesterday...hosted by the newlyweds...and they baked a ham, combined "root vegetables" potatoes, parsnips, carrots, sweet potatoes, with scallions and rosemary, and a green bean dish. They were able to use many of the wedding and shower gifts. We all had a wonderful time and did get to see a preview of some of the wedding photographs form the photographer.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

At least in our little workshop. We had some Christmas signs and blocks for our show in Thurmont several weeks ago. For the show we participated in this past weekend, the Howard County Christmas Show, we had many more Christmas items. Below are some of the newest signs. I've also been painting glass and wooden ornaments.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Hello Gorgeous...

Hey Ladies...we all need one of these hanging by the mirror
in the morning to give a give us a giggle.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Mommies and Babies

Took photo of baby bumps this summer.
My Daughter Holly and Niece Leslie.

Took this photo on Saturday of Holly with Dylan and Leslie with Callie.
How blessed our family is...

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Family Dinner Month Three

When my darlin' daughter and husband found out they were expecting this cutie, they started Sunday Family Dinners to be sure that Dylan would get to see his Grandparents and Aunts and Uncles often. It now has been decided that "Sunday" is just a guideline as we had to have it this month on Friday night because last Sunday we were sitting on Main St in Thurmont for Colorfest.

This dinner was for salad and pizza. I did bake a 1234 cake for dessert.
The "men" played pool and we all entertained the baby.

The pups snuggled with Holly.

Great Mom Mom got to spend time with Dylan.

Isn't funny that a baby can make grown people to anything for a smile?

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Some Other Things Colorfest

Debbie and Jimmy...Roadshow buddies were set up in the park. They have engraved trivets and more. Also, for Longaberger lovers they carry custom engraved basket lids and weave tags.

Here's my friend Dee Begg and sign painter...still busily painting at the show !

Set up next to us was a vendor with beautiful mums.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colorfest Weekend...Thurmont, Maryland

Two weeks ago we were in Thurmont for Meagan and Erik's Wedding. This weekend, Hubbie and I were there to set up for Colorfest. We've been doing this show for years in the front yard of friends who have a building on Main St.

Lou made the personalize garage sign for the couple
who let us use their property to pop up our tents and peddle our wares.

Although it rained while setting up on Friday evening
the rest of the weekend was shower free.

We used to participate in shows almost every other weekend...and this is the first show we've actually set up for all year. Obviously we have gotten old...we were exhausted.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A Homemade Wedding Part 4

Erik and the Groomsmen at the rehearsal.
His brother was his Best Man and 2 longtime friends were his Groomsmen.

Meagan and her Bridesmaids.
Her sister was her Matron of Honor and her cousins were her Bridesmaids.

Meagan's Uncle Ron, her Godfather, married the couple. He became a minister online.

The photos I've put on the blog are all from my camera. I don't yet have any photographs of the ceremony itself, or of everyone in their gowns and tuxedos. Don't even have any of my dear hubby with his daughter. But I do have some of the guests sending me photos from their cameras so as I receive those, I'll be able to post them.

Meagan with Holly and me.

Meagan and Erik's First Dance as Mr. and Mrs.

A Homemade Wedding Part 3

The Wedding Cake was made by Meagan's Godmother, Aunt Donna...
she baked the cake at home and decorated it on Saturday morning at the barn.
The celebration was truly a family affair.

Erik's Mom made the Groom's Cake...Star Trek Theme.
Erik's sister put together a slide show of the Bride and Groom
from when they were babies, to when they met in high school, to vacationing this summer.
One special guest was the Art Teacher, Ms Mand,
who intoduced the couple all those years ago while they were still in high school.

The barn was decorated with thousands of lights, grapevine garland and berries.

The ceremony was to be outside...with the Catoctin Mountains in the background...
but a rainy day made that impossible. The ceremony had to be held in the barn itself.

The best man at Holly and Chad's wedding did the catering. He did a fabulous job at a challenging location. Chad's Dad and his wife offered their services as dinner servers and bartenders and we owe them a big Thank You.

A Homemade Wedding Part 2

After the tables were set...the centerpieces were put together.
The hydrangeas from my garden were assembled with curly willow branches in jars.

Center piece on the Bridal Table with the crystal wine glasses.

Flowerpots and Candles outside of the barn door.
Thank goodness I was able to keep them alive all summer.
On Thursday morning I did notice some empty spots in the pots
so I dug up some plants out of the garden to fill in the spots

We had to pop the tents outside the door on Saturday morning...the day of the Wedding...
because there were showers and rain coming our way.
We had many comments about rain on your Wedding Day being a
blessing. If that's the case...the couple are really and truly blessed.