Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colorfest Weekend...Thurmont, Maryland

Two weeks ago we were in Thurmont for Meagan and Erik's Wedding. This weekend, Hubbie and I were there to set up for Colorfest. We've been doing this show for years in the front yard of friends who have a building on Main St.

Lou made the personalize garage sign for the couple
who let us use their property to pop up our tents and peddle our wares.

Although it rained while setting up on Friday evening
the rest of the weekend was shower free.

We used to participate in shows almost every other weekend...and this is the first show we've actually set up for all year. Obviously we have gotten old...we were exhausted.


  1. Hi,
    I remember the good old days, when I would do shows. I stopped the outdoor shows when I sat in the near 100 degree heat with a wet towel on the back of my neck. i kept it cold using the ice in my cooler. I thought I would pass out. Came home and decided never again.
    Have fun with your 40th reunion planning. You're just a kid...:)

  2. Pat,

    Gotta love those outdoor shows! Don't love the exhausted feeling though afterwards...hey where is my picture? LOL!

    Are ya getting ready for next year?