Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Another Little Snowfall...

It has been a strange winter...

 Lots of little snowfalls...just a couple inches at a time

...and colder than normal temperatures.

One can only hope these bitterly cold
temperatures we've been 
having here in Maryland means fewer
mosquitoes and fleas this summer.

Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy Birthday Elsie...

Yesterday was my Grandmother Elsie's 107th birthday. 
She was born in Baltimore, Maryland
 January 7, 1910.

I have been working on my family's history,
gathering facts,  scanning photographs
and need to start writing out family stories. 

Married in 1928 to John, the love of her life,
they had 3 daughters. 
My mother Betty was born in December of 1928.
  Second daughter Joan arrived in July of 1939
and Donna was born in April of 1949.  

My parents were already married
when Donna was born so Donna and I
were raised more like sisters than aunt and niece. 
She spent many weekends at my parents home
and I was at my grandparents house often. 
Because of this, I had a unique relationship
with my maternal grandparents.

Betty, Elsie, Joan and Donna
Mom Mom made my wedding dress
of white cotton dotted swiss, very hippie 1970's. 
After my daughters were born,
and I was a stay at home Mom,
 she called me almost everyday.
Blessed that my girls actually knew their
Great Grandmother.

Because my Grandmother, I knew what
kind of grandmother I wanted to be.

Elsie and John had
3 children
9 grandchildren
12 great grandchildren
and 4 great great grandchildren. 

We lost my Grandmother in 1989. 
I still miss her everyday.

Happy, Happy Birthday Mom Mom! 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

things don't always go as planned...

I thought first day of a new year...
great time to start blogging again. 
Life around here got so crazy that something
had to go and it was posting on this blog. 
So only a couple of days I am.  I started with a terrible cold on New Year's Eve and am still coughing, sneezing and nursing a sore throat.

I spent today in my jammies, in front of the fire,
watching old movies and drinking hot tea.

Lou, seems to be one day behind me
with the same thing...
He slept in a bit this morning but needed to
wrap some sign orders today
and took them to the Post Office.

So where did we pick up this stinkin' bug?
Pick a child, any child.

So many runny noses and coughs and sneezes
on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
It could have come from any one of
these adorable Littles.

We are suppose to get snow tonight and it has
been bitterly cold here in Maryland this past week.
The extremely cold temps will be
continuing through the weekend.

Are you ready for spring yet?

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

I Love a Parade.....

Our Little Firecracker.

 We were invited to join our daughter,
son-by-love and the Dumplin'
for the Towson, MD
Fourth of July Parade yesterday.
A tradition in Erik's family,
started by his grandfather, the family always
 attends this 4th of July Parade.
This is the first time his Poppy was not
in attendance.
The family lost him earlier this year.

But he was certainly there in spirit
as his children, grandchildren
and great-grandchildren were still at the parade,
carrying on the tradition and
remembering this man who meant
so much to them..

 It was wonderful to see Americans 
of all ages celebrating America's Birthday.

I sometimes worry that with every generation,
 perhaps there is less and less history being taught.  
That it is considered corny to be patriotic. 
That what has gone before, that has given 
each generation, the freedoms they have
today is forgotten.  

That when our National Anthem is played,
 it will never bring tears to their eyes
because the history of this country
sometimes is just not known or remembered.
Have I been so blinded by the news,
that all I see is people believing that
America is a horrible place to live,
but not knowing or acknowledging
the sacrifices of  those who came before?

 However, this Independence Day Tradition
gives me hope.  All ages waving American Flags
and cheering as our military, firemen,
police and local boy scouts passed by.
And folks standing up, with hands over their hearts,
 as one of the bands marched passed us playing
 God Bless America.

I pray for this country.
I have hope for this country.

And it wouldn't be a Maryland parade 
without Mr Boh and
the Ravens Marching Band.

America...One Nation Under God

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Tiny Bubbles...

Had the Littles here earlier this week
and as the Dumplin's
newest word is "bubbles"
I asked Lou to pick up a
bottle of bubbles while he was out.

He came home with so much more... 
A bubble machine and a 
bubble wand that makes huge, 
beautiful bubbles.  
Gramps is much more fun 
than Mom Mom.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Country Workshop's Weekend Steals and Deals

Because several of our
spring shows were canceled
due to weather, we are clearing off 
our very full shelves a bit. 
Thinning the inventory.
You may just find something
you might like, need
or must have.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Happy Summer...

A bit of the first morning of summer from my garden...

Hydrangea blues...

A small visitor...

A sweet daisy.