Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lucy Again Has Surgery

Several weeks ago, while giving our Lucy a bath, my husband found a lump on her side. We took her to see our wonderful vet, Dr. Cujdik, and were told to wait and see if it stayed the same size or got larger. Well of course it grew larger. We took her in at 7:30 this morning by 10 the operation was done. The tumor was even larger than the doctor thought so it took many more stitches and will require a longer recovery time. We're supposed to keep her from running and jumping to keep her from ripping the stitches. That's going to be some great trick. Maybe we should tie a cinder block to her leg to keep her still. Won't get the results back from the pathologist until next week. Keeping our fingers crossed that it is a fatty tumor and not anything worse.

Yesterday Lou and I took a ride to Lancaster County, PA to pick up a piece of furniture that he had built for Diane of Basket Accessories as a display piece in the Akron shop. After 18 years of selling merchandise for those who love and collect Longaberger baskets, Diane is closing the retail shop at the Akron. The Intercourse store will remain open. Check the website for winter hours at that store or to shop online for painted lids, liners, protectors, Amish wrought iron and more.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Baby Boy A True Gift

Here is one of the latest photos of our amazing, brilliant, adorable, grandchild. He made Christmas even more wonderful than normal. We were so busy with getting out orders this year (which is actually a good thing) that I was not too very merry as I didn't get much done in decorating for the holidays. We didn't even have time to put up a tree, which I so missed. Most of the ornaments for our tree hold precious memories. As I handle each ornament, memories of special times and special people flood my mind. But one look at this little face I know all those family members who are no longer with us really are with us. With the birth of this child, the family lives on.