Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mother/Child Connection

Here it is, almost midnight, and I can't sleep as I am worrying about my first born, who is waiting for the birth of her second child. It has been a crazy few days waiting on my new granddaughter to make her appearance. For all you Mothers reading this, you know your child is always your baby, no matter how old that child may be.

We received a call last night (on the labor line) around 10 from the expectant parents that they were waiting for the contractions to be 5 minutes apart and then they would be heading for the hospital. We would get a text or call to let us know when they were on the road. By 8 am, I couldn't wait any longer, I had to call to see how my baby was doing and was told things had slowed down and they were still home. Later today, even stronger contractions and closer together this time the parents-to-be made it to the hospital, were actually admitted and were in a room. Lou and I were being updated by text and phone calls and planned on going to the hospital when we received a call that she was being sent home. I am worried that my child, my 30 year old child, is in pain, is tired and drained emotionally. I want to reach out to her but am trying not to step on her toes. Someday, in the future, my baby girl will be waiting for her daughter to give birth and there it is...the circle of life. (and now I will be singing in my head that song from the lion king).

I realize that all is going as it should...that this is not out of the ordinary when waiting for a new life to make her appearance...but me, I can't help but worry (and I get that from my mother) about my baby and her baby. Fingers crossed for tomorrow!


  1. Bless your heart. Such an anxious time. Everything seems worse in the darkness. We'll hope for joy in the morning in a little girl named Mariah.

  2. it is a very hard time to be a mom of an adult woman I know how you feel. I hope by now all is well and you have your grand child in your arms.

  3. I love your sign. May your newest addition come in healthy and happy! The on again off again is nerve wrecking for sure! My middle child did that to me, but is different when we are on the other side! May God be with you both!