Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Witch Museum in Switzerland? Who Knew?

I don't usually have many customers purchase my witch signs this time of year. Quite a few at Halloween, but only a few in the springtime. Guests to the Country Workshop are picking out bunnies and flowers in the spring. However, I recently I received an order from the Witch Museum in Switzerland for some of my witchy sayings. I guess I never thought about the history of witches in Europe...Salem always came to mind ...but not every witch lived in Salem.

I love having my signs traveling to customers all over the world. It's nice to think that a sign created in our little shop is making someone smile
in a place far away from our studio.

Some of my witch signs can be seen below.
These and others can be found in the
Witchy Woman Section
of the Country Workshop

To Brenda at Pine Tree Prims
a big thank you for the magazine.
So glad I was up in the middle of the night and
saw your giveaway for the first comment.


  1. Cute signs. I don't know that my sisters would appreciate one of them though. Lol. As long as I was the one to get the sign and not them ...

  2. Wow, very impressive, Pat!! A customer from Switzerland??? Man, you really should be proud, that is quite a coup! But, then again, your signs are so nice. :)