Saturday, March 31, 2012

Colored Eggs Before the Coloring

The family was here today to color eggs for Easter. Meagan and Erik made a stop at his sister's and picked up these eggs which already came with color. Shades of brown, green and blue, her chickens are just so talented.

Dylan didn't remember dying eggs last year but was ready to jump right into it.

Meagan tried wrapping thread around the eggs to decorate them a bit more...
that's the artist showing.

My Mom loved holding her great granddaughter while
the eggs were getting some extra color.

We colored 4 dozen eggs and had a wonderful family together day.

Thanks to my sons-by-love for helping Gramps get the old couch out of the "kids" bedroom. I do appreciate you two helping the "Old Guy".


  1. The eggs are lovely but the picture of you mom holding her great granddaughter is awesome. Put that one in a special place, frame it.

  2. I love those eggs in their original colours. Beautiful!

  3. Beautiful baby! Love the photo with generations! And I'd find it hard to color those pastel eggs straight from the hen.
    xo Cathy