Monday, April 23, 2012

To Crochet...

My daughter Meagan is an amazing artist and I have always been so proud of her accomplishments. We have had lovely paintings, sculptures, photographs and even a wooden coffin with photos printed on glass of sculptures from Green Mount Cemetery decorating our home. She has a degree in fine arts from MICA and now works there.

Several months ago she decided to teach herself how to crochet.  I think she was inspired to try because there are so many babies joining our family this spring.  The photo above is a hat for her cousin Jamie's son to be born baby boy Braden.  She made a beautiful blanket for her new niece Mariah. I do wish I had a photo of that to share.  Another project was a bear hat with ears for cousin Mike's new baby, John Henry, and a baby blanket for Jillian, her cousin Nick's baby girl.
I am impressed that she taught her self to crochet although
this should not be a surprise to me, as she has always been able to do anything
she sets her mind to do since she was 2 years old.

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