Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fun Filled Tuesday

Yesterday, was a long day. Lou and I met my dear friend Bonnie for breakfast at Bob Evans. Holly joined us with the children so Bonnie could see Baby Mariah and to hand off the D Boy to us for the day. Had a lovely time time at breakfast. Bonnie was able to cuddle with the baby...and she needs the practice as her daughter Erin will be having a baby girl next month.

We then took Dylan to the Wild Bird Center to pick up bird seed and a new goldfinch feeder. He was fascinated with the bubbly water fountains

and the whirligigs outside the store...pick me up Gramps

We went home and played in the dirt...watered the garden, and Dylan and me

While I was cooking dinner, I set up the laptop for him to watch Donald Duck cartoons and when I turned around from the stove I found him sound asleep. We also did some face painting, as you can see the moon on his face...the other cheek had a star and his arm had a green snake.

But before he fell asleep I noticed Dylan's right eye was a little bloodshot...within an hour he had green goo running out of that eye and 20 minutes later...the other eye was the same. Called Holly and said, "I think Dylan has pick eye so give the pediatrician a call." The baby woke up with it this morning. I spent the morning wiping every surface I remember the child touching yesterday but I'm sure it's probably far too late for that as we were
receiving hugs and kisses all day yesterday.

Off to the mirror to check my eyeballs...I'll take a look at Lou's eyes as I run through the wood shop on my way to the mirror in the bathroom. No green goo so far.


  1. Oh, I'm sorry Mr. D and the baby now have pink eye! I hope you and the hubs don't get it too. But looking at that little face, especially the pic of him sleeping, I'd gladly risk getting pink eye to be able to spend time with a little angel like that. :)

  2. he does look like an angel! I'll be hoping for the best!!

  3. That last picture is too sweet to describe. Oh dear, pink eye. I hope neither of you get it.

  4. That picture of Dylan sleeping is adorable. Hope you've escaped the pink eye.