Thursday, April 19, 2012


We've had brush fires here in Maryland for the last several weeks as. Very unusual for this time of year, but we have had a very unusual winter and spring. For weeks we haven't had any real amount rain, sometimes a sprinkle over night but only enough to make the top of the grass blades wet and under the trees, the wet stuff never made it to the ground. Tuesday I finally pulled out the sprinklers to give the grass a drink and Lou washed both the truck and the car because they had a yellow/green coating of pollen dust. That was like doing a rain dance. Yesterday was a wonderful drizzly, rainy day giving the raindrops a chance to soak into the soil. This will make it much easier to pull weeds later today.

Finishing my last swallow of coffee and will be heading up to the shop. Have orders to fill, including several like the sign below, in different many babies being born this spring into the family and the Moms all want one for their nurseries.

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  1. Pat, The same happened to me this week. I finally got around to washing the car and that night it rained. Not enough to soak the bugs off the front though and just enough to dirty the car. Sue