Monday, April 30, 2012

A D&G Production

Today was our Dylan day this week. We try to find a special something to do with him on these days and today Dylan and Gramps made a bird feeder out of an empty plastic jar, like the one that holds Lucy's treats.

We soaked the jar in soapy water to remove the label.

Gramps attached wire around the top of the jar to make a hanger.

Next holes were drilled for the perches and an inch above the perches
holes were drilled for the birds to be able get to the seed.

Dylan asked his Gramps if he could hold the drill.

He checked out the handle attachment.

Then he helped his Grandfather sand the dowels that would be used as the perches.

The dowels were put through the jar.

Another inspection...

The "boys" the filled the jar with bird seed.

Dylan screwed on the lid...

and outside he marched

to hang it on the hook where we had our feeders.

We'll have to wait and see if the birds like it.
The feeder went home with him tonight.

Looking forward to having Mariah with us soon
on upcoming grandchildren days.


  1. Very cute.
    looks like dylan enjoyed his day.

  2. A wonderful memory for Dylan to look back on. Aren't grandchildren wonderful?