Monday, April 9, 2012

A Perfect Day...

Hope you all had a perfect Easter Day.

Our day was wonderful. The weather was beautiful and we had brunch here at home with
some of our favorite people.

Dylan was thrilled with how his magic beans had grown.

Our sweet little Mariah J was adorable in her bunny hoodie and got to meet her great aunts and uncles who hadn't gotten to see this baby bunny before.

We had an egg hunt and Darlin' D had a grand time gathering all the eggs.

And Lou and I discovered that preparing brunch for a houseful of family and helping the Easter Bunny with egg hiding duty isn't as easy as it use to be. After everyone left for their next Easter Day stop, we cleaned up the kitchen and then sat down in the living room to relax a bit. We woke up several hours later. We must be gettin' old!


  1. Too cute, Pat! What a joy they are to you, I know. Worth every second of nappy time ... chuckle!

    We were very fortunate to have such great weather, for sure.

    Have a great week ~
    TTFN ~

  2. Haha! Yes-I can relate to the nap afterwards. Great idea about the beans and the lollipops, I'll have to remember that-thank you. Sue

  3. I was wondering about those lollipops on Easter morning. I'll bet he had a ball hunting his eggs...and his baby sister...what a cutie!
    My Easter used to be full of fun with little kids, but they are grown now. We ended up hiding eggs for the old folks... with a little money in the eggs.That was fun and made for some great pictures. I can remember being so tired when they all went home, but it was a good tired. Enjoy these special days...they only last a very short time.

  4. The perfect ending to the magic bean story. As always, Dylan is darling and so is sister. Bob and I picked our kids up at the airport yesterday. They were returning from 3 weeks in Japan. After we got them home and settled, on the way home we talked about how exhausted we were. Can't handle that much excitement anymore I guess.

  5. It was a perfect day! When I asked Dylan if he had a good Easter he said, "I want to do it again, Mommy." :)