Monday, April 23, 2012

Streetcars in Baltimore

I know I am dating myself, but I do remember riding on a yellow streetcar on Belair Road, the street in these photos, when I was a child.  My parents had one car and my Dad took the took the car to work.  There were many days when my Mother would take my brother, sister and me to my grandparents house on the streetcar.

We would walk to the corner of Belair Road and Glenmore Avenue, ride the street car into the city, and spend the afternoon visiting.  My Father would meet us there after work, we'd have dinner with my grandparents and my Mother's two sisters and we would drive home together.

The photo above is Belair Road in Overlea, MD.  Just about two blocks north of this section of the road was the car barn, where the streetcars followed the track around the building to go south again.

I am just thrilled to have found these photographs of the Overlea area where I grew up.  So many wonderful memories.  I believe the streetcars in Baltimore were replaced around 1963 with buses.  Thinking a trip to the Baltimore Streetcar Museum might be a good idea one day this spring.

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  1. Great memories & wonderful photos.

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