Saturday, January 30, 2010

Studio View on a Snowy Day

This is the view I saw from the window in my studio while I painted today. It's like sitting in a tree house, looking through the branches. When I walked up to the workshop today it was extremely cold but not snowing yet. I always start to worry about getting back to the house in weather like this. The shop is on flat ground but there is a hill to go down to get back to the house. I have been asking for some steps to be put in for a number of years so that in snowy weather the steps could be cleared and make it easier to get back home. know the story of the shoemaker whose children went carpenter husband, he who can build or fix anything, has never gotten around to it. I believe that he believes that I am surefooted and graceful and should have no problem in the snow or on ice. But after 35 years of marriage you would think he would see me for the klutz I am. I don't need bad weather to make me slip, trip or fall. So dear husband, if you read this, please put a set of steps in your plans of things to do this summer.

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  1. What a wonderful view. I would get nothing done...just look out the window.