Friday, January 8, 2010

Lucy Update...Big Birthday...Time with the Boy

An update on Lucy Girl...the vet called to let us know the results on Lucy's biopsy. It seems that the lump wasn't a tumor. It was scar tissue from an injury. Lou and I are trying to remember how she could have hit that spot so hard to have caused this. The lump was located on her right side, just where her back right leg meets her body. I guess that really doesn't matter how she did it...I'm just so thankful that it wasn't something worse.

On Saturday night we attended a surprise birthday for Lou's brother Charly, given by his wife Jen and his children. He turned 60 this week. The party was at his daughter's house. This time he didn't have a clue. When his wife threw him a surprise party for his 40th, he somehow found out. So Charly...did Jen do better at keeping it a secret, or is the old brain slowing down? You're only as old as you remember you are.

I spent two days this week watching my darlin' Dylan. It is just so much fun being Mom Mom. We sing together and dance. We read books and play with the new Christmas toys. But what he likes best is his jumpy seat. It hangs on a door frame
and is good for 30 minutes of pure jumping joy.

I'm dragging my feet about getting back to work. I'm finding it hard to make myself go up to the shop. I think this is the hardest part of what I do. I have been filling the orders I've received but not really working on stocking up on merchandise. I'm thinking that we'll be doing more shows this year, but we do need to have lots of product
to make it worth while to set up for a show.

Looks like most of the country is in the deep to all, keep those tootsies warm.


  1. Sweet picture of Dylan...your darlin'! And great news about Lucy Girl! So glad for you! Happy New Year!

  2. Great news about Lucy! Hope you have a terrific weekend!

  3. Oh I am in love with Lucy. My daughter is sitting here with me and she has a cocker that is her baby. His name is Toby and he is on my sidebar. We just love your Lucy. How pretty.
    Anyway so happy you joined me and I of course have to join you.
    Thanks a million

  4. Oh, Lucky Lucy...So glad that she doesn't need surgery.
    That little Dylan is so cute.

  5. Pat...what a cutie pie...Dylan that is! You know how I feel about Lucy... she's a cutie too! Thought I was gonna see a picture of first real food though...guess I'll be patient and wait!