Friday, January 15, 2010

Purple Power...Baltimore Ravens

Everywhere you go in Baltimore this week, you see a purple glow. Baltimore has always been a football town and this week it's showing. Even my darlin' Dylan is showing his colors...not that he appears to be overly enthusiastic about it. Below is a link to photos of the local purple frenzy.

But I grew up cheering for the Baltimore Colts. My Dad was such a Colt fan. He had season tickets and never missed a home game. One Sunday every summer we'd pack a picnic lunch and my parents would take my brother, sister and me to a local college where the Colts had their training camp for the Colts Family Day. We got to meet the greats...Johnny Unitas, Gino Marchetti, Lenny Moore, Jim Parker, John Mackey, Raymond Berry, Tom Matte and Coach Don Shula. I still have an autograph book that the players signed and my Mom has photos of us with the Colt players. When the Colts lost the Super Bowl, Dad took us all to the airport to welcome the team home. My memory of that is fuzzy but I think it was in the middle of the night when the plane landed. The Baltimore fans were there to cheer for their team.

I think even though my Dad was the biggest Baltimore Colt fan, he would cheering just as hard for the new Baltimore team.

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  1. Hi Pat Dylan is such a cutie.. As kids I remember doing the same thing going to the airport Dad said come on we have to go and let them know we still support them my sisters and brother and I would be so mad so cold we just thought he was nuts He's never been the same since they