Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Haunted House

As I have mentioned before, Lou and I promoted a craft show that traveled the east coast from MA to FL catering to Longaberger basket consultants and their basket loving customers. We also participated for several years in the street fair held in Dresden, Ohio called Dresden Days. If you follow Dresden's Main Street out of town, you travel through a small town called Trinway. Lou and I noticed this large brick house which was in disrepair as we would head to our hotel, and always hoped that someone would take on the task of restoring it. We were surprised to see it featured on Ghost Adventures on the Travel Channel. You can actually rent the place for a night if you want to go ghost hunting.

Prospect Place or the Trinway Mansion was built in 1856 by abolitionist George Willson Adams and was a stop on the Underground Railroad. Below is the link to the website about the mansion. Be sure to check out the interesting history and ghost hunting stories. There are also many other sites, if you do a search for Prospect Place, with information and pictures.

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  1. Cool setting for a goth wedding! Not that I'm into goth or anything..just what came to mind. I'll have to check out the link that you posted as it looks like a pretty cool place to visit, during the day of course!