Sunday, January 17, 2010

Better late than never I guess..

I've been waiting to put up photographs taken at Meagan and Erik's wedding by photographer Muriel Silva. Meagan told me that I needed to use the photos watermarked by the photographer so I was waiting on those. Today I was told all I needed to do was give credit and a link to the website.

The ceremony was to take place outside but the weather did not cooperate and it had to be held inside of the barn instead. There are previous posts and pictures in September about the wedding of my beautiful daughter and her darling husband, but I did want to post several of the wonderful photographs from the professional.

Below Meagan dancing with her Father and Erik dancing with his Mother

Meagan and Erik with their high school art teacher, Diana Mand,
who introduced them with they were juniors at Loch Raven High School.


  1. The wedding was absolutely beautiful. You must be sooo proud!

    Take care ~Natalie

  2. What a great job you did go girl!
    And wonderful picture of the lovely couple.