Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dylan and the Other Babies

Look at those chubby cheeks...I'm sure when he gets older and looks at this photo he will say, "Geez Mom" but I think his first Christmas picture is just so cute.

We worried about how the other babies would deal with a new kid
but my first grandson Dre just adores his new brother.

Lucy is such a wild child, and we thought she would be so interested in the baby that we would have to worry about her jumping on him and kissing him. But she has surprised us. She always greets him with a sniff but then backs off and shows no interest. Have to wonder when Dylan is running after her how she will react.


  1. Oh...those cheeks make me just wanna kiss them. He is getting so big and so fast too!

  2. Oh what darling pictures. Those cheeks just make you want to kiss him more. lol
    Lucy has won the heart of my daughter Christi. She so loves her cocker spaniel Toby. My first grandchild.
    Hope your doing well