Saturday, June 30, 2012

Wicked Weather

Oh what a night...with temps above 100 yesterday, a wicked storm blew through last night. Three plus inches of rain, 80 mile an hour winds and lots of thunder and lightning. Had to do some yard clean up this morning ...something I hadn't planned on as there were broken tree branches, porch furniture and broken flower pots scattered all over the yard. Now I'm seeing there could be a repeat of last night tonight.  But we were luckier than others.  Trees fell on houses and cars and several people were killed when trees toppled on their car.  Trying to get anywhere earlier today was a nightmare. With power outages, traffic lights weren't working and many roads were blocked by downed trees. 
Our power went out at the height of the storm but came back on around 3am.  My Mom's apartment complex still doesn't have electric, so we have an overnight guest. 
Hoping any of you who were in the path of this storm are safe.


  1. Glad you came through the storm relatively unscathed.

  2. I've been listening to reports about your storms. They sound bad. Stay safe.

  3. I've been watching your news, my grandson lives there. I am glad you are safe and he is fine as well. He even has power where he lives. Thanks for visiting me today!

  4. oh that is so scary. Glad you are alright.
    I just read your red solo cup post No I did not know it was a measure.
    love the lights but I really love the sparkler idea. Great time of hear for that hint.

  5. Hope you are all safe and dry. And wow, what a photo you got!
    xo Cathy