Friday, June 8, 2012

Making Memories

Had the grandbabies here on Thursday. Lou and I drove out to pick up the munchkins early, to get there before Holly and Chad needed to get off to work.  This will be the last early morning pick up however.  Today is Holly's last day at work.  The hour and a half drive each way, when you have two children at home was just too much.  She is hoping to get some consulting work that she can do can a part time basis. 


Dylan found a toad in our backyard.  When he said, "Look Mom Mom, a frog" I, without my glasses thought it may have been a Lucy poo.  But when it jumped, it was identified as toad. Gramps was able to nudge the little jumper into a box and Dylan and I took him to the neighbor next door to see if maybe he could take up residence in the plants, next to her backyard pond.  We released him there and hopefully he'll live happily ever after.


I was able to a photo of Sweetpea smiling this week. 
She really is a pleasant baby

She loves her big brother playing peek a boo...

and having her Gramps telling her stories. 

It does however take two old folks to handle two small children.
There is a reason God gives you babies when you're young.


  1. LOVE grandkids!!! wish I would 'of had them first!

  2. Great photos. The peek-a-boo one is too darn cute.

  3. Darling pictures!

    I have to love that sign :-)

  4. More wonderful pictures of two well loved babies.

  5. Beautiful granbabies! The remark about the toad made me laugh till I snorted.

  6. Lovely grandchildren! I'm sure they are lots of fun.