Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I ran out and cut several hydrangeas this morning to bring some of these lovely shades of pink, purple, blue and white into the house.  Every time I run past this jar filled with blooms, it makes me smile. 
I think I should probably take another jar filled with these beauties and sit them somewhere in the studio.  I've been busy with orders, working on new designs and am spending alot of time there.  The studio looks like there was an explosion... I need to take some time to reorganize how I store stencils and go through the hundreds of bottles of paints and toss the colors I never use and get the rest in some order according to colors. This needs to be done before I can even start getting ready for the Christmas season .  

This is all very hard to think about on a beautiful day like today, however bringing some lovelies into the studio might just help.


  1. Breathtaking Pat! I wish mine were blooming, maybe next year.

    TTFN ~
    Have a beautiful eve, my friend ~

  2. So lovely they do make you smile.

  3. By all means, treat yourself to some lovelies. Life's to short not to enjoy the flowers along the way.

  4. Beautiful colors...I have been working on some art projects this week and I know how messy things can get in just a short time. I need to do the same as you...but then the outdoors is calling me.

  5. those colors are the best ever.. would love to have a room painted like that