Saturday, June 9, 2012

It is another gorgeous morning. Makes me want to break out in song, "Oh what a beautiful morning. Oh what a beautiful day." However, I am sure none of my neighbors would want to hear me singing any song. Wishing all a peaceful, beautiful day...


  1. I am hoping the rain goes away for the weekend. I won't sing either, at least not outside. I think there may be laws against that kind of torture in my town.
    BTW had a bit of tough time finding your Facebook page. The link on this blog just took me to my Facebook page. I did a search for "The Country Workshop" on there but you didn't come up. Finally found you through your profile here and then your web store.

  2. So happy your having a beautiful day and don't hold back just sing your heart out.

  3. I need a sign like that to remind me somedays :). And the heck with the neighbors, you sing it loud!

  4. Go ahead and sing! Hope your whole weekend is gorgeous.

  5. I feel that way every time I step into my garden.

    PS I used to belt that song out in the shower all the time!

    PPS Your grands are adorable.