Tuesday, June 5, 2012

No Bite Me

Several years ago I started taking blood pressure medicine and every summer since I have had a problem with mosquitoes swarming me.  It seems certain medications for blood pressure and cholesterol change the way one smells to the little suckers...and I must smell amazing.  I can't stand still outside for even a few seconds without getting chewed on.  I am like one of those bug lights...the bugs are just drawn to me and this year they seem to be growin' bigger and are multiplying faster than ever . 

I hate having to apply bug spray everyday and have been complaining so much about the darn suckers and the size and number of the itchy welts I've been getting that the husband ordered No Bite Me soap and cream.  Well folks, it really works.  It's all natural and safe for kids and pets.

You can find it at Sally Anders Soaps


  1. Never knew it was BP & statins that the buggers wanted. Thanks for the tip! Good to know!