Friday, June 22, 2012

Down the Ocean, Hon!

If it's going to be so hot today...I'd rather be at the beach. Another sticky, humid, hot, hot, hot day here. It didn't quite get to 100 degrees yesterday but it sure was close. My studio is on the second floor of the shop and even with the ac on, come 3pm it is thick up there when the sun has been blazing on the roof all day and the temps are in the high 90's . So while I paint today, I'll be daydreaming about sitting on the beach with a cool breeze blowing off the ocean. As we say here in Baltimore, "I'll be down the ocean, Hon!" if only in my dreams.


  1. I'm telling you, that sounds pretty durn good ... humidity is awful! We actually hit 100 here in Mt. Airy, yesterday. Had 59 drops of rain this morning ... did you get any in G'burg?

    Have a great weekend ~

  2. Good luck. Yesterday was low 80 s here & I was irritable.