Saturday, June 16, 2012

Something New

The D boy asked me, "What is that?"  when he saw corn on the cob at dinner here on Thursday evening.  My daughter told me he had eaten last year but
I guess he didn't remember.

 He picks it up, takes a bite and says, "It's not working."
He did get the hang of it however and chewed off every kernel.

 Sweetpea gave me this look as if to say, "Hey Mom Mom where's mine?"

It's another gorgeous day here.  We are actually having a spring this year.  We sometimes go from winter to a day or two of spring and then the hot, humid days Baltimore is famous for.  I have heard that folks living in hot, humid areas wrinkle less than those who live hot, dry areas.  I try to remember that on days when sweat is dripping off my nose.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. I always enjoy hearing about & seeing the little ones.

  2. Don't believe it! I live in hot humid and I'm full of wrinkles! :-)

    That corn looks good, glad the boy enjoyed it!

  3. Adorable!!

    Always wanted to go to Honfest in “Bawlmore”!
    Is the Hon Café still open Pat? Altho my all-time favorite is the Paper Moon Diner. One of my sons graduated from Hopkins last year so I would trek down fairly often.
    Sure could go for a Paper Moon turkey club right about now….


    ps...cannot reply to your comments left as your email is not linked to it

  4. What a cute picture of Dylan...and that baby...what a wise look on her face. Enjoy these precious moments.