Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Bearded Lady


 My daughter Meagan is so clever...She went to a bachelorette party for her friend Emily who will be getting married in several weeks.  The "Circus" was the theme and Meagan went as the Bearded Lady.  She made the laced up top out of a Goodwill find and a little top hat (not in this photo).  I love the mustache and beard...I've always said she looks just like her Dad, but without the mustache. Also at the party were some of the other girls in
"The Bakers Dozen", the group who all went to high school together.  The Bride To Be was the Ring Master and the other party goers were the Lion Tamer, a Magician and various circus performers.  One by one, these wonderful young women are getting married and the first of the group is now expecting her first child. 

 The girls also gave Emily a bridal shower.  Meagan and Lenore made candles using cup and saucers found at local thrift shops as favors.


 My daughter asked me to make a banner with the names of the Bride and Groom and I think it looks nice hanging on the fireplace.

Looks like the girls had a wonderful time at the shower.

Wishing Emily and Art a beautiful life together!


  1. Good evening, Pat,
    What a wonderful share in the wedding/engagement time of your daughter's friends...It's fun so see the little girls that used to play together as young women now.

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  2. Beautiful daughter even with a beard. lol
    Such a nice shower and I loved the theme. Great imaginations.