Sunday, May 2, 2010

Brandywine and Avatar

Yesterday, Lou and I decided to checkout a craft show we have considered participating in, but wanted to go and see exactly what it was like before we committed. The show is in Brandywine, which is located in Southern Maryland. The Lions Club has the show as a fundraiser and it's held twice a year. It was a hot day yesterday, however there was a nice breeze and that made it comfortable. In years past, we have set up for outside shows on days that the temperatures were so high that the chair legs and and tent poles sunk into the blacktop. One of the hottest show days was when we were in Dresden, Ohio for the Longaberger Basket Bee.

We ran into Jennifer and Linda from Jennifer Crafts. That is the shop in Marley Station Mall where I have some of my signs for sale. The photo above is part of their booth. Jennifer told me that there weren't nearly the number of vendors that are at the fall show, which is held in October. Today, there is going to be a classic car show and live music as well as the craft show .

While we were at the show, Lou received a call from his friend David, wanting us to meet him and his wife at the "cheap movies" to see Avatar. I know, it's been out for ages, but you can't beat $3 admission. Great movie, and I want some of those glowing flowers for my garden.

Hope all are having a wonderful weekend!


  1. Pat,

    Nice that you and Louie got to go out on a "hot" date! LOL! I've given you the good, bad and ugly info on Brandywine. It was nice to see that at least some of the "mudville" issues have been addressed at that show with the laying of the macadam walkway. Maybe the Lions club can bring the show back to the once fantastic show that it was, but it's gonna to take a lot of work and effort. Hope for their organization they succeed.

  2. I haven't seen the movie yet. It looks very interesting and colorful. Have a nice day.