Monday, May 24, 2010

Jamie and Jared's Wedding

Jamie and Jared's Wedding was at the Vandiver Inn in Havre De Grace, Maryland on Saturday. It's a beautiful setting for a wedding and the ceremony was planned for outside.

The sun was shining most of the day and an hour before the wedding the clouds rolled in and it poured down rain for several minutes and then the clouds rolled out. The staff at the Inn were able to get the chairs dried off quickly and the ceremony got on the way.

Jared's family is Scottish so there was a bagpiper
(is that the right word for one who plays the bagpipes?)
and a few kilts were present.

My sister-in -law Jen was escorted by her son Nicolaus.

Lou's brother Charly, the Father of the Bride walking his beautiful Jamie down the aisle.

The Ceremony.

The Kiss.

The Zink Cousins, Elizabeth, Nicolaus, Jamie, Alex, Holly and Meagan.

My camera was acting up after the first dozen pictures taken and I was not happy...I'd been having trouble with the zoom and when the flash stopped working and the camera locked up I thought it was a goner. However it appears the battery wasn't charged. What an idiot I am!
Hey Daughters...I'm waiting for you to email me your photos from the wedding!!!


  1. What a fun day. Looks like everyone had a nice time. Glad it went well.

  2. Great photos and don't they say that it's good luck to have some rain on your wedding day?