Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Reisterstown Bloomin' Artfest 2010

We participated in the Bloomin' Artfest in Historic Reisterstown this weekend. The weather this year was beautiful, the festival committee was so accommodating and helpful. The festival was set up in in front of the Franklin Middle School, on the grass, among the trees, but really extended down Main Street to all the wonderful shops located there.

Lots of people came for the arts and crafts, the entertainment (which was fabulous), and the food. Dogs of all breeds, shapes and sizes came with their people to have a sniff and a wag. We thought about taking Lucy with us, but our wild child would never have calmed down all weekend.

In the photo below, at the right you can see The Cow...a wonderful ice cream parlor.
In the summer, you have to stand in long lines to get served.

This was a great festival to do...set up and breakdown were easy, the promoters were wonderful, the weather was sunny but not hot, customers were friendly and an pleasure to deal with...
so why are we still recuperating from this on Wednesday? Getting older ain't for wimps!!!!


  1. I love going to festivals like this, especially when the live bands are playing. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  2. Awww....still it could be worse...just think what you will be like in another few years! LOL! Glad you and Louie enjoyed the festival. Maybe next year Lucy can go and have a sniff and a wag, that's of course after you give her a valium! LOL! On second thought you'd better make that 2! LOL!

  3. So glad you enjoyed your weekend with us. It's great artists like you that make it so successful. On behalf of Reisterstown's Bloomin' ArtFest, we invite you to come back next year, and PLEASE refer us to your colleagues: (Next year, bring Lucy!) Sincerely, Karen Rosenberg, RBAF committee member