Monday, May 10, 2010

What were you doing on May 11, 1975?

Yep...It was 35 years ago today that Lou and I tied the knot. I pulled out the wedding pictures and we laughed at the "Blast from the Past". It was a beautiful day with all our family and friends. My Grandmother made my dress out of dotted swiss cotton and the bridesmaids dresses were the same pattern but with short sleeves. The flowers were was the 70's

Doesn't this look like scene from "The Godfather"

Mr. and Mrs.
Lou had so much hair but a really cheesy moustache and
what was I thinking with that enormous veil? I did pull the veil apart and my daughter Holly used some of the veiling for her wedding.

We really laughed at this photo...Lou wasn't old enough to drink champagne legally.
He didn't turn twenty one until August.

Our going away clothes...We still have Lou's suit and my wedding dress in the back of the closet. However we no longer have the Camaro or my white platform shoes. I often say that Lou married me to get that car. It was a 1968 396ss convertible and he thought a girl didn't fully appreciate a car like that. We sold the Camaro several years ago to a man who has restored it and has it in a car museum in GA. I wonder what happened to those shoes?

Would I do it over again? In a heartbeat! I have complained of lots of little things this man may have done or not done over the years. However he has been my best friend for more than thirty five years, the most wonderful Father to our two daughters and now the grandest of Grandfathers to Dylan.
Happy Anniversary my dear Louie!


  1. Wow does that bring back memories. My girls wore dotted swiss empire waist dresses and big hats. I had the same style of headpiece and a long veil. We were both 20 and not old enough to drink. Two of my bridesmaids were pregnant and the dresses worked out beautifully! We did the "rainbow" thing too! I love your mother in law use to crochet them! We thought we all looked awesome...well I guess we did in 1972...and it is sure fun for a laugh today whenever we look at our photos! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on your anniversary!!

  2. Thirty-five years...AWESOME! Love your wedding photos with all those lovely pastel gowns and gorgeous bridal attire. What beautiful memories! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Congrats to you and Lou, John and I have been married 29 years today.

  4. Congratulations!!! It is stories like these that make me excited and hopeful about my own upcoming marriage. 88 Days to Go!

  5. Coungratulation on 35 years together. I love the pictures...and your sweet dresses.

    Have a terrific Tuesday ~Natalie

  6. Thank you all for the Congratulations...Linda, Congratulations to you also...I guess terrific people got married on this day!

  7. Congratulations mom and dad! Thanks for being such a wonderful example of what a marriage should be!

  8. Happy anniversary. The next 35 will go even faster.

  9. Happy Anniversary!! Here's to 35 more beautiful years together! ~~Cheers!~~

  10. Happy Anniversary. Our wedding parties clothes in the 50's were very similar. My bridesmaids had pastel dotted swiss, ballerina length dresses, and those big floppy hats and also the daisy bouquets. What great memories.