Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Weber's Cider Mill Farm

Have lots going on here today...but this afternoon I am planning to visit Webers. This is usually where I go to find all the plants I need for my garden. It is a family owned local business and I believe in supporting locally owned businesses, after all, I am a small local business myself. I run there to get fresh produce and Webers has a fantastic bakery. There is also a gift shop. It's a great place to take kids...there are farm animals to visit now and in the fall there are so many activities for the children. I will have to take darlin' Dylan there soon.
There is a new FB page for Webers which gives what is going on at the farm. It will be nice to take some time this afternoon to stroll through the green house and touch and look at all the different flowers and plants I just may have to have for my garden this year.


  1. I love places like this!! It sounds like they have wonderful asparagus. I'm on the hunt for two pepperoncini starts myself. Planted some tomatoes, cucumbers, cilantro, and parsley so far. Spring is so fun! Have fun visiting the farm.

  2. Pat,

    So whatcha get to plant? I'm all planted out here in the backyard...starting on the front porch bed next week.