Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hearts and Love and Snowflakes...

Here on our little spot of Baltimore County, we again missed the bulk of a snow storm traveling up the east coast. But we did have several inches of the white stuff fall over night. Just enough to make it pretty but not so much that the roads stayed covered today. The snow plows/salt trucks were out in groups of 5 or 6 last night as Lou and I were making our way home from Marley Station Mall. We had gone to Jennifer Crafts, an arts and crafts shop, to restock our area for the first time after the holidays. The winter storm started out as sleet and freezing rain so we waited a while before heading home and took advantage of 1/2 price Pasta Night at Rocky Run. By the time we got on the road, it was snowing big, fluffy, beautiful flakes and the highways had been cleared of ice. Didn't need the 4 wheel drive until we reached our road and driveway.

This morning was cold and windy but we had this beautiful blue, blue sky. I snapped the photo below as Lucy and I headed up to the shop.

The time has come to start thinking of Hearts and Love. I took some Valentine goodies to Jennifer's last night and have been adding "Signs of Love" to the website.

Hoping all of you who are located northeast of here and are getting snowed in with inches and inches of the white stuff are all snuggled safely inside until the sun shines for you tomorrow.


  1. It is just stopping here and we have about 14 inches.pretty to look at not so pretty to clean up.

  2. I love your photo! and all the goodies! But the photo the best!

  3. We had almost seven inches of snow Saturday night and Sunday. Love all your signs. The picture of the sky is beautiful. I took a picture of the sky here on Saturday before the was a perfect shade of blue and not a cloud to be seen any place. Hugs

  4. Oh, I am with you and the birds. I just wish spring would last longer than it does here. Thanks, for stopping by. Have a great day. Hugs

  5. It's just cold here in NE Oklahoma. Stay warm as you create your wonderful signs.