Thursday, January 6, 2011

Shipping and Lucy...

I've been thinking alot about shipping the past few days as the Post Office raised prices on Priority Mail the first of the year and I am sure I'm going to be questioned about the cost of my shipping, especially on ebay (where customers are used to getting free shipping from companies much larger than my Country Workshop). It will now cost $10.20 for me to ship a sign that weighs between 1-2 pounds from Maryland to states located on the West Coast and there is no way for me to get around that. I stopped adding a handling fee the last time rates were raised. So folks, if you do any mail order shopping, plan on spending a bit more for shipping.
This morning I had orders to be shipped.

Had the signs ready to go, paper work in order, the table set up with the foam and corrugated cardboard used to wrap each item, monster tape dispenser and Priority stickers at hand and one of the best tools my husband ever talked me into, my new super duper rotary cutter.

Lucy always goes to work with me. She usually settles down quickly on one of 3 blankets we have located in various locations in shop and studio for her. Today she must have been bored out of her little mind as she started out pulling paper towels out the trash can in the bathroom. Then she started on stealing the boxes I have stored on a low shelf for shipping larger items.

She quickly has this box shredded into pieces.
Then she began jumping at the door to go out.

It was a beautiful day in Baltimore County so I figured ok Toots, if you want out, I can tie you up outside to give Mom a break and give you some time to sniff the air. I do this often in the warmer months, but Lucy is an in the house dog and shivers if it's too cold outside. I wrapped an order and then took a peek out the door to see what she was doing and I see she has something in her mouth. I run over to take a look at what is hanging out the side of her face and am appalled to see it is something furry. I scream at her to drop it and thankfully she did. It was a long dead, dried out chipmunk. I am glad Lucy dropped it...I wouldn't have wanted to pry it out of her mouth.
I called the vet to see if I needed to have her checked out but was told that since her rabies vaccination was up to date and it didn't appear that she has actually eaten any of the rawhide like chipmunk, just to keep an eye on her.

I finally finished wrapping the signs and Lucy had such a rough morning, she napped all afternoon.


  1. ewww, well you are lucky she didn't roll on it. Dogs love to hide their smell so she could have come in smelling of dead chipmunk.

  2. You had quite an eventful day thanks to sweet Lucy!

  3. My Maggie in her later years used to love to eat paper. She once ate a paycheck of mine. She would grab paper and was very protective of it and growled when we took it away from her. She was never and aggressive dog, but tended to be that way as she aged. The vet explained that she was hard of hearing and her eyesight was poor, so she was frightened.Looks like Lucy might have just been bored.Maybe cabin fever has set in...Balisha

  4. Lucy is beautiful ... & a little frisky? Cute! They are just like children sometimes aren't they, Pat.

    Stink bugs have been now found to 'die' when sprayed with wasp hornet spray, besides the dish soap method. We stayed on top of them during the summer but they are still coming out in the house now ... ugly little fellas, & a nuisance for sure.

    The USPS is in big trouble & not even close to remedying their plight ... wonder how long it is going to take them to realize they are putting their self out of business.

    Today is gorgeous, the snow is beautiful ... Hope you have a great week.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  5. sorry last comment wennt AWOL !! just was saying glad that Lucy was ok after her eating exercise yesterday !! My wee Dee is a bit of a paper muncher as well...
    sorry to see that your postage is going up yet again. It is the same over here ours go up well above inflation on April 1st. and yet the service we get seems to get worse and worse. (I am still getting the odd Xmas card posted early December)
    Love Sybil x

  6. Hi Pat Sweetie...
    Oh what a beautiful share. I adore Lucy. She has the sweetest little face I have ever seen. Her hair is so curly. I had a Cocker Spaniel when I was a young girl, in fact we had two of them. They are the best dogs.

    I am sorry to hear about the postage going up again. We just can't seem to win. We find something we can do to make a little extra money and then the postage keeps going up making it harder to make a little profit.

    Hugs to you sweet friend on this beautiful Sunday morning. Love, Sherry

  7. Beautiful signs, you are very talented.I just come across your blog what a great job.I am anew blogger, come check out my blog.

  8. TY for your sweet well wishes, Pat, they mean a lot ... I'm slowly mending & unbruising.

    Have a beautiful snowy day.
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon