Saturday, January 29, 2011

Another Lesson ...

I am reminded again of why I married the man I did almost 36 years ago. This week, whenever we can fit it in, Lou is teaching me to operate the machine we have to cut our stencils and vinyl for the signs we make. He is patiently showing me how to use the program, CorelDraw, to design and layout the wording, and then to send it to the cutter which is like a printer, but cuts the letters instead of printing them. By mastering this, I think it will help speed things along in our prodution process.

I went kickin' and screamin' into using a computer while my daughters were still in high school and the girls tell me all the time how amazed they are at what I do now. But I am still timid about trying new things with the computer...afraid that I will lose information. So it is slow going in teaching Pat how to work the cutter. Lou just shakes his head and smiles when I ask him the same question over and over and calmly shows me again what to do and why.


  1. I too will be married 36 years this fall. And he too is patient. Good luck with all you have learned.

  2. oh, that sounds like fun - wish I could learn too! Aren't you glad you learned how to use the computer?! Don't know how I'd function anymore without the tech stuff. xo Cathy

  3. I think you are ever so make the most beautiful signs etc etc.. However it will I expect help when you master the cutter etc. I am certainly not very computer savy and for sure I woudl need your dear husband by my side for a very long time !!
    Love Sybil

  4. Your so lucky he can teach you.......I got Dee...LOL
    The both of us would be a up a creek without them, that's why we love them so.
    Happy Anniversary!

  5. Oh, What a wonderful Husband you have...
    Good Luck with the learning. This machine sounds interesting.

  6. How nice and sweet your hubby is to take time to teach you. You will master it...just like you did the computer. Hugs