Sunday, January 2, 2011

One Ends and So Another Year Begins...

The new year here just sorta slid in... Lucy and I watching old movies (Lucy likes when Lou is not in bed, she always snuggles in on his side until he's ready to turn in for the night) and Last Minute Louie was in the shop, finishing up a vanity for daughter Meagan's bathroom. The vanity is actually a beautiful piece of furniture which just happens to be holding a sink. Handcrafting furniture is what I believe Lou would really like to do full time. Meagan and Erik had a party yesterday, and yesterday, just before the party, Lou was installing the vanity in their newly renovated bathroom.
After my last post I did get to work on getting the studio in order. I decided anything I hadn't touched in 2 years, I really didn't need and should be gotten rid of. Much was tossed. Also started the job of cleaning stencils and putting them in the correct folders. I found I had opened bottles of paint of the same color and so combined those. Some cubbies of supplies need to be gone through but that will be a job for later. Tomorrow will be the start of the new year in the studio.
Wishing all my guests who stop by for a visit a
Wonderful New Year!


  1. Pat,
    Thanks for the Christmas ornament and get well wishes. You are a thoughtful person and I loved being on the receiving end.

  2. Linda,

    Glad you liked the ornament. Painted those for my tree and thought you might like one. Hope you feel a bit stronger every day!

  3. Thank you for becoming a follower. i looked back and love your sweet dog. i had a buff colored cocker for many years. I love your signs.
    I will follow along with you