Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Snowy Snowy Night...

Just came down from the shop...Lou helped me, as it is snowing like a son of a gun, and I am a clumsy person and have fallen on my butt more than once on that hill coming from the shop to the house. Once I even just sat down and slid. Although soaked to the skin, I thought that was better than breaking an arm, leg or my neck.

I have creamy chicken noodle soup heating on the stove and cornbread in the oven. A wonderful dinner for a snowy night.

The weatherman got it wrong and right. This morning we were suppose to get rain, sleet and freezing rain with snow starting in the afternoon. Woke up to 4 inches of snow this morning. It stopped for several hours and around four this afternoon snow started again. It's windy and snowing heavily, but at least the prediction is 5-10 inches tonight and that's nothing when
I remember the 40+ inch snow storms we had last winter.

To all living tonight in this winter wonderland...stay safe and remember, when in doubt, there's no shame just sitting down and sliding on your butt.


  1. Stay warm and enjoy that good soup and cornbread. It was beautiful here today, supposed to be in the 60's by Friday but then they say another blast of cold coming in over the weekend. No mention of snow at least as yet. Hugs

  2. soup sounds wonderful the storm is passing us by this time thank god. Stay warm

  3. Having weathered the worst of winter here (I hope) we are now just staring out at cold grey skies. Somehow I miss those snowy days when I could just sit in front of the log burner and be cozy. However I don't miss the wretched icy paths. I hope you are okay and done no harm. Stay warm. I love the sound of your chicken soup by the way...sound much more appetising than the yogurt and apple I to look forward to for my lunch.
    Many thanks for your very kind comment on my blog yesterday. It's been so nice to 'meet you' and I enjoy visiting your blog hugely.

  4. We went out to eat to a restaurant that was on a hill. It started with freezing rain then snow. We came out and I couldn't get up the hill with my slippery shoes on. I took them off and walked stocking footed up the hill to the car.I guess you just have to be inventive. Balisha