Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tape Challenged...

Yep...that's me...I'm tape challenged. This isn't a new thing, but this morning as I wrapped several orders for shipping, I was again reminded of how I can not use the tape dispenser at it was designed to be used. Every time I try, I just can't pull the tape out and cut it with a flick of the wrist with the cutting edge of the dispenser. The tape sticks to itself and when I pull it off to start over, it sticks to my fingers or around my fingers. I have found that it is just easier to cut the tape first and "stick where it needs to be stuck". I am glad for the days when the Husband is not around to try to show me how it should be done, and when he just shakes his head and rolls the eyes. The packages for today are wrapped and on their way.
I guess it's like the Frank Sinatra song...I did it my way.
Also Ladies, if you get a chance, please drop by my daughter's blog and say hi. Holly is still having a rough time getting over the injuries from the accident. I was with her yesterday to take care of Dylan and she's got the blues dealing with doctor visits and insurance companies and having her life thrown into a tizzy.


  1. I'm so glad to see someone else is tape challenged.

    I did stop by Holly's blog. Bless her heart, I hope her therapy works very soon. I can't look at Dylan without breaking into a smile.

  2. Sweetie your not alone at girlfriend has one of these and she and I both could not use it without starting over and over. lol
    Sorry your daughter is having such a bad time I will drop by and tell her hello
    Did you enter the April Fools giveaway at my site. Its a Paul Dean pan set so be sure and enter

  3. Pat, I DISLIKE these contraptions immensely! Never can get them to work properly ... more a mess, than a success.

    Hope your daughter fairs well thru it all.

    Happy Easter!
    Have a great day.
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  4. Thanks to genetics, I have the challenge too. It's that tape gun! That one specifically is so much worse! Only Dad has the right finesse to use it.

  5. I hear you with the tape. I have the exact same problems!

  6. That contraption looks complicated! I have no trouble with the Scotch brand one that's readily available at drugstores. But when the tape turns on itself, that's a pet peeve of mine. And it always seems to happen.