Monday, March 15, 2010


For the last few years, I have limited the number of craft shows I participate in. This spring I decided to add a few more than I had set up for last year. So for the past two weekends I had a booth at the local Home and Garden show. But doing shows on weekends cuts into family weekend doings. I had to miss a bridal shower for my niece Jamie. The Bride-To-Be in the photo above is the little one in pink with very little hair. Her brother Nicolaus is behind her. My younger daughter Meagan is the one making the funny face and my first born Holly is sitting behind her. In the photo below, taken yesterday at the shower, is Meagan, the Bride decorated with shamrocks, Elizabeth (I know I somewhere have a picture of her as a little one with the her girl cousins) and Holly (who thank goodness felt well enough to be able to go to the shower).
My girls have been so fortunate...they have cousins who they played with as children and have grown up to be friends today.


  1. These ladies are indeed fortunate. Oh that others could be so lucky.

  2. We are incredibly fortunate. I love my girls!