Thursday, March 25, 2010

Dirty Dog...Wet Dog...Clean Dog..Soon to be Scalped Dog

Last night, after a day in the shop, I took a look at Lucy and decided that she needed a bath and a hair cut. She was looking like a poor neglected girl. I try to keep her clipped fairly short to cut down on the hair balls that roll over the floors like tumble weed. Also when her hair is shorter she doesn't seem to pick up as much dirt and dust from the shop and the yard. Well she did get the bath last night and I dried her, but she needs to be completely dry in order to use the clippers. Doesn't she look like she's thinking...I'm bathed, I'm clean, don't you think that's enough? Later today she'll get a hair cut. I put the hair onto the compost pile in the yard this time of year. The birds actually will use the hair to build their nests. What they don't use, I'll just turn it over when I turn the compost and a little bit of Lucy will be in the gardens later in the year.
I want to thank all who paid Holly a visit on her blog. I talked with her this morning and she was so very touched that you would take the time to give her words of encouragement.
We have had some good news this morning, my niece, Melissa, went into labor a little while ago, and baby Paul should be arriving soon. Now Dylan will have a new boy cousin to play with. All his other cousins, close to his age, are girls.
Wishing you all a wonderful day...


  1. Aw! Look at those eyes, what a sweetie!! ♥

  2. Oh Lucy.......a day at the spa!!!!! My Colby ( a shih-tzu)gives me that look when I tell him he's going for a haircut too! To funny!

  3. What a cutie pie...Oh,'re going to have a new "Easter do." My Maggie used to just prance around the house after her haircut. She acted so different...or was it just me imagining things?

  4. I don't think Lucy is sure about that hair trim to come but she is a cutie pie! My dogs hate the thought of getting a bath but once it's done, they are so happy and playful. Of course, the night they get bathed they also get to sleep in our bed. Once I bathed them in the morning and sure enough, that night Stonewall came and sat up beside the bed waiting to be lifted up. Now that is a smart dog! Have a great weekend.

  5. What a cutie Lucy is...she looks like she may be saying to you "you better be done". Love the look, those eyes are amazing.