Friday, July 27, 2012

To The Wedding...

 My friend Shar came by this morning to pick up the hydrangeas for the wedding of her granddaughter.  I was in the garden early this morning to beat the heat while cutting blooms.  I did get the job done before the sun hit the garden...but wow was it humid.  We had another storm blow through last night with a lot of rain, thunder and lightning.
The flowers were wet but thankfully not pounded into the ground.

Shar stayed for a bit to share a cuppa coffee and is now on her way to Gettysburg to help setting up for the weddingThese colors a just beautiful...don't you think?

I'm now heading to the studio to paint several sets of shelf sitter blocks
to finish filling an order.


  1. I think they're gorgeous and mostly I think your friend is very lucky.

  2. Beautiful for sure. I need to get some of those growing in my yard.

  3. How pretty...I need one of those in my yard too..Balisha

  4. The hydrangeas are so beautiful... I wish we could have just picked ours just before the wedding. But she picked what seemed to be thousands the fall before to use in June. It is amazing how well they dry and how beautiful they stay...