Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Goofy Dog

Goofy Lucy sleeping in the sun on this hot, hot Fourth of July morning. 
Slow roasted Cocker Spaniel

Weather forecast is calling for chance of thunderstorms 
this afternoon.  So many homes are still without power in this area
I'm hoping that the storms pass us by.


  1. Goofy Lucy looks pretty content to me. I also am hoping power is restored soon in your area.

  2. Haha! They can sometimes look like a mat! She knows the best place to lay. I'm sure she'd be in front of the fire if she were here at the moment. It's nice to be reminded how lovely the sun can be. Maa

  3. What a silly dog...The little cocker across the street just pranced by with her owner...looking like she was enjoying this heat. Keep cool!

  4. Lucy would make a nice place to lay your feet - in the winter.

    I often wonder why they lay out in the sun when it's so hot? Mine do too.