Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy, Happy, Birthday to You

We spent the weekend celebrating birthdays.  On Saturday evening we had the bi-monthly birthday get together at Lou's sister's house.  The family has grown so much that we do birthdays in bunches now.

 This weekend we sang happy birthday to our 3 year old great niece Cali, our own grandson Dylan who also turned 3, our son by love Chad and a welcome to the world to sweetie great nephew Braden, who was born in June. 

 I laughed at the photo my niece Jamie sent of Braden in the policeman's bib...he looks just like his Daddy, who is a Baltimore County Policeman.

 On Sunday, Lou and I attended Dylan's Pirate Birthday Party.  The photo above was part of the birthday invitation.

I can't believe he is 3.  And with the haircut his Daddy gave him, he looks even older.

One thing I did learn this weekend after getting these sneakers as part of Dylan's gift, shoes are being sold without laces...I made the comment that all the character sneakers at the Disney Store didn't come with laces.  I was informed that this was the in thing...slip ons that look like these.  Guess I'm just not with it!


  1. Love the bib, that's adorable.

    No laces? Teaching them to be sloppy from an early age? Darn cute though!

    They sure grow up fast don't they?

  2. Awesome shoes, with or without laces!

  3. Love teh bib & shoes. What cutie pies, Pat. They are all adorable. If only they stayed small longer ...

    Your hydrangeas are awesome.

    TTFN ~