Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's time to water the garden...again!

I've been trying to keep keep the hydrangea bushes watered to keep the flowers from turning brown. With temps in the high 90's to 103 this has proved to be quite a chore.

 I have a friend whose granddaughter is getting married in two weeks and she wants to use the hydrangeas for the wedding.  The flowers have already started turning their fall colors.  The blooms opened early this year and started to turn quickly due to the heat of the past few weeks. But they will still be beautiful as long as I keep them watered.  

Over the years several brides have had hydrangeas from my garden at their weddings.
 We used many at daughter Meagan's wedding to her darling husband.
The blooms were lovely shades of green and burgundy.

 Hopefully I can soak the bushes enough every day to keep them beautiful for the upcoming wedding of my friend Shar's granddaughter.  The heat is suppose to break tomorrow.


  1. Oh I hope you can keep them going. I love the fall colored ones.

  2. What a beautiful idea for a wedding, each flower looking like a bridal bouquet!

  3. They are so pretty I have a very large bush but they are the fall ones. that are a pretty shade of pink.

  4. Your bush looks beautiful and I hope they last for the wedding. These were the flowers that my daughter used at her wedding one year ago this weekend.


  5. Hydrangeas are my favorite! I only have three bushes and I'm watering them twice a day in this heat! Thanks for your visit!