Monday, July 23, 2012

Downy Mildew...Killer


 I have pots of flowers throughout my yard...many on the patio next to the side porch and some in front of the house.  Some areas of the patio are shaded so I usually fill several window boxes and large pots with impatiens.  I noticed however, several weeks after planting these that the plants were yellowing and dying.  I pulled out  all the plants, bagged them in plastic, put them in the trash and did an internet search.  There is a new disease spreading through the US affecting these plants called Downy Mildew.  Check the link for more information.  I had not heard mention of this until it happened in my garden. 
I dumped all the soil from the pots that had the affected plants behind the shop and now will have to wash the pots and window boxes with soapy water if I hope to use the same pots for impatiens next year.  I did purchase the already planted pot in the picture from Home Depot in hope that the spores would not affect a new far so good.


  1. Hmm, sorry about your plants. I like the new one on your porch though.

  2. I have one pot of impatients and so far no sight of this nasty blight but I'll watch closely now that I know this. Thanks for posting about it.