Friday, May 13, 2011

Lucy and Zucchini Updates

With some info from the ladies below...thanks girls
Dee (Icehouse Crafts)
Gloria (The Little Red House with the White Porch)
the zucchini plants are now in their containers and we will see what happens. I hope end up with a jungle of leaves and vines and so many zucchini that I'll have plenty to share
with family and friends.

Also a Lucy update. The lump on her neck has totally disappeared and and she has an appointment with Dr. Tim on 5/20 for a followup. He talked about doing another biopsy but there is nothing there to biopsy so that is good. Appears the infection is clearing up. She's had a bit of problem with her stomach due to the antibiotics so I'm adding rice to her diet and she has a chewable pill to help her digestion.
The picture below is Lucy sleeping on the landing in the shop. I know she is feeling better if this is where she decides to snooze. For several days she was sleeping on my feet as I painted.

I washed that window this morning and threw the curtains in the laundry. Lucy loves to push her head past the curtains and nose the window.

By the way...those are the stairs I fell down and the window my shoulder went through when I noticed a 6 foot long black snake coming up the steps as I was going down. Twisted my ankle, which swelled the size of a grapefruit but at least didn't get cut by the glass as the were curtains covered the glass. That was many years ago, before cell phones and I couldn't get in touch with Lou. His Dad came to save the day and get the snake out of the shop.

Grudgingly going back to work now. Thinking the sign boards I base coated earlier must be dry. Hope you are all having a beautiful day!


  1. Pat,

    Well if the zucchini take off you know you will have a bunch to share...that's just how zucchini are! Glad that the links were helpful.

    Lucy looks very comfy there on the landing. Guess she's waiting for her daddy to come home? And glad to hear that she is feeling better.

    I didn't get outside today as I had planned...don't know where the time goes...


  2. Keep us informed on how your zucchini are doing. The plants look good now.
    I know about nose prints on windows although mine are from kitties not dogs. So glad Lucy is doing better.
    Occasionally we have black snakes here. I'm not afraid of them if I see them before I happen to get too close. I've always been afraid I might step on one accidently. If I did, I would be the one tumbling down the stairs.